2018 Season Rates - USD$

JUN 01ST - SEPT 30TH   110 120 180 200 220 250 240 280
DEC 01ST - DEC 31ST 130 140 220 240 260 290 300 340

2018 Off Season Rates - USD$

OCT 01ST - NOV 30TH 75 85 140 180 205 235 220 260
OCT 01ST - NOV 30TH 100 110 200 220 240 270 250 290

Camping & Free Swimming PP

  • Your Tent $ 25
  • Our Tent   $ 40
  • Meals Per Person

    • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
      $10 $15 $20


      Rates Subject at Octagon Rules & Regulations 



      1)EXTRA GUESTS: Additional charges raised for the difference between the occupancy levels on daily rates 

      2)CONFERENCE SURCHARGE: 25% Surcharge will apply during conference times. 

      3)CHECK-IN: For night stay guests, normal check-in time is 2:00 pm. In exceptional cases, an earliest check-in time of 10:00 am may be granted. Check-out time is 10:00 am but a latest check-out time of 11:00 am may be granted.

      4)CHILDREN POLICY (Accompanied by parents and for Daily Rates):Below 3 years free of charge, between 3 years and 12 years 50%, Above 12 years full rate. 

      5)VALIDITY: Valid 1st January 2014 but subject to change without notice. 

      6)PAYMENT: All payments should be received in advance unless credit arrangements in place. Cheques accepted only with prior arrangement. In case of credit arrangement payment should be done on the 7th day of the month. If Tour / Travel or Corporate booking, LPO number must appear on Invoice and Voucher. 

      7)BOOKINGS: All bookings are tentative and subject to room availability. 

      8)CONFIRMED RESERVATION: To confirm a booking, a 50% deposit is required or a Voucher from registered Travel Agents / Tour Operators. Again, prior to check-in full payment must be received. 

      9)”NO SHOW”: In a situation whereby full payment has been received, there is no release of the room. However, should only a 50% deposit has been received, the room may be released from the booking after 10:00 pm.  

      10)CANCELLATION POLICY Prior  to  14  Days No  charge Between  2  Days  &  14  Day 50% Less  than  48  Hours 100% (Please  note  no  refund  to  clients  already having  paid and staying  in  hotel  unless  authorized jointly by  Front Office / Sales  Manager  and General Manager) 

      11)PREPAYMENT / DEPOSIT POLICY: Deposit payment of 50% of the contracted Value is required preferably 30 days prior to arrival or upon placing the reservation, whichever is less. The balance should be paid to Octagon Lodge  upon arrival. Prepayments expire and are written off if not used within two months of payment unless specified clearly. Prepayments not refundable. 

      12)GUEST LIABILITY: The  management  is  not  liable  for  any  injuries  nor  losses to  guests, and  /  or  their  visitors  regardless  of  the circumstances  surrounding the loss  or  injury  whatsoever on  the  premises. Guests  are  advised  to  look  after  their  valuables.  Octagon Lodge liability  is  limited  within  the frameworkof an  Hotel  at common  law  as  according to by  the  Tanzania  Hotels  and  Restaurants Acts. 

      13)GENERAL LIABILITY: In  lieu  of  any  condition  or  liability  complied  by  Law,  the  liability of  Octagon Lodge  (called  the  Lodge)  in respect of any defect  or  failure  in  service  supplied  or damage  attributable  thereto  is limited  to  making  good  by replacement  or  refund  (at   the  hotel discretion)  of  only  the service  provided  by  the  hotel.  Any  complaints  must  be  made  within  two  days  of   service rendered. No  claim  for  consequential  damages, however   arising,  will be  entertained.  The  liability  excluded  faults  caused  by fair  wear  and tear,  abuse  of  service  by  guest, acts  of God  or  any  other  cause beyond  the  hotel’s  reasonable control. 

      14)FORCE MAJEURE: The hotel is not responsible for any circumstances beyond its control. 

      15)HOTEL RULES & REGULATIONS: All guests are expected to abide by the current Octagon Lodge Rules and Regulations. 

      16)AMENDMENT: Conditions & Rates may be amended without any notice. 







      Loss or Damage to Property and Personal Injury Octagon Lodge accepts the liability of an Innkeeper

      at common law as modified by the Hotel and Restaurant ACT Laws of Tanzania and subsequent amendments to it.


      1.        Liability:  The management is not liable for any injuries nor losses to the residents, and /or their visitors and servants regardless of the circumstances surrounding the loss or injury whatsoever on the premises. This includes any mishap or losses through the usage of the swimming pool.  Residents are advised to look after their valuables. Octagon Lodge liability is limited within the framework of an Innkeeper at common law as modified by the Tanzanian Laws.  No liability whatsoever for cars parked within the premises will be under taken.

      2.        General Liability:  In lieu of any condition or liability complied by Law, the liability of Octagon Lodge (called the Lodge) in respect of any defect or failure in service supplied or damage attributable thereto is limited to making good by replacement or  refund (at the Lodge discretion) of only the service provided by  the hotel. Any complaints must be made within two days of service rendered in writing.

      3.        Shortages & Lift Operations:  Management is not liable in any manner whatsoever for any water, electricity shortages.

      4.        Settlement of Bills: (Payment in Advance):  Bills must be paid upon presentation.  Cheques are not accepted unless prior arrangement is made with the management. With regard to room accommodation, our policy is as follows:

      ·                    Full payment prior to moving into room.

      ·                    In the event of an extension of stay, the Guest(s) should arrange advance payment by midday.

      5.        Default:  In case of any default in payment of dues, the management shall have a lien over the luggage and belongings of the defaulter and shall detain the same and proceed to sell or auction such property at any time without reference to the defaulter and appropriate the net sale proceeds towards amount owned by the defaulter.   In case of any outstanding balances legal action will be further taken to recover the said debt.

      6.        Personal Obligation:  I agree that my liability for the stay at OCTAGON LODGE is not waived and agree to be held personally liable in the event that the indicated person, company or association fails to pay for any part or the full amount of the charges.  I also agree to abide by the rules and regulations of OCTAGON LODGE which has been read received, and understood by me.

      7.       Occupancy Terms: 

      -          Night Stay- Check in time is 2.00 p.m. & check out time is 10.00 a.m. 

      -       Short Stay Option -Check in time is 10.00 a.m. & check out time is 6.00 p.m.  (Does not apply to dorm rates and on room rates only)

      -          Exceptions at manager’s discretion.  

      8.        Telephone Billing:  The billing will be done as per the computer printouts and no complaints will be entertained regarding the billing. A phone call is billed after 25 seconds from lifting of handset.

      9.        Right of Management:  Management reserves the right of admission to the premises. Guest’s visitors (non-hotel residents) are not allowed in guest rooms without registration at the Front Office and the required payment made for the extra person. Guests may meet their visitors in the Lodge’s public areas.

      10.     Access to Room:  Management and employees are permitted to enter any room / suite in the ordinary course of duty to view the condition of the premises and to effect all necessary repairs and work.

      11.     Extra Guest (s): If a hotel resident wishes to bring an extra guest(s), they should register the guest(s) at the Reception and make full payment of room accommodation for the guest (s) before moving to the room (s).

      12.     Privy of Contract:  For in-house guest (s) the accommodation contract is between the registered guest (s) and / or their agents on one hand and the hotel Octagon Lodge on the other hand.  This contract gives certain rights and obligations to both parties.  These rights and obligations are not transferable to any other party who is not privy to the contract.

      13.     Restricted Occupancy:  Maximum occupancy is restricted in each type of Room: Single-one pax, double/twin-two pax, triple-three pax, Quad- four pax. Exceptions at manager’s discretion.